Two Monimoto devices - one Key Fob?

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You can pair one Key Fob to as many Monimoto devices as you like. For example, you can use the same Key Fob for your car and your motorcycle, since you would not drive both vehicles simultaneously. 

When pairing Monimoto with a new Key Fob that is already paired with another device - it's important to make sure you only have that one Monimoto unit within 10m range. Otherwise, the 2nd pairing might not work.

Important. You may need to connect to your Monimoto in the app via Bluetooth just before you ride your motorcycle. 


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    Ian R

    I have an older (cylindrical) monimoto fitted to one motorcycle.  And I recently bought a new monimoto 7 for another motorcycle.    The key fob on the mm7 is much smaller than the fob for the older mm.  

    Will the fob for the mm7 work with the older mm?

    Ideally, I'd like the same fob to work with both mms.  Or, have small fobs for both mms.

    I tried adding the smaller fob to my older mm.  However, the system would search for another key - but it wouldn't discover the new one.

    Can you offer some advice please.

    Thanks,  Ian


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