Can I use Monimoto for real time tracking?

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Without your Key Fob nearby, Monimoto will enter Alarm mode. It will start sending you location notifications every 5 minutes while the vehicle is moving. If movement stops the user receives a notification movement is stopped and after approximately 30 minutes the user receives a final location of the vehicle, and the alarm is cancelled.  If at any time after the alarm was cancelled movement is detected again, the system will automatically start the alarm and the cycle will start again.

Live tracking – You can manually request a faster interval of locations during alarm mode. It will provide you with a location update every 1-2 minutes for 10 minutes in a row. After that it will go back to its regular 5 minute intervals and you can start Live Tracking again. 

Live tracking can only work if there is movement and the device is able to send GPS locations.
Note: It will reduce your battery life considerably.

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