How to turn ON and OFF Monimoto 9

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Once your Monimoto 9 has been successfully set up it will always be ON unless you specifically switch it OFF or it runs out of batteries.

IMPORTANT: Once a device has been switched OFF, the only way to switch ON the device is by plugging in the USB-C charging cable to the charging port for at least 1 second until you see blinking RED LED , it is impossible to switch ON the device from the App or by pushing the reset button, only plugging in the charging cable can switch ON the device.

To SWITCH OFF your device.
1. Find the reset button.

2. Press and Hold the Reset button for 3 seconds -> reset button LED will flash BLUE and after 3 seconds BLUE LED will go off.
3. Release the Reset button - > Device is now turned OFF. (Important. If you do not release the button after the Blue LED goes off but still hold it pressed for 10 seconds more, you may accidentally reset the device to default).

To SWITCH ON your device.
1. Get a USB-C charging cable and adapter (not provided with Monimoto)

2.  Remove rubber plug and insert USB-C charging cable into the charging port.

The device is now switched ON and should display the charging LED .

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