How to test the device and trigger the Alarm?

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To get a good understanding of how the system works - please test it thoroughly after setup, as explained in these instructions:

  1. Make sure the Key Fob is at least 50 meters (160 feet) away form the main unit in an open area.
  2. For testing only, switch off the Bluetooth on your phone. (If you leave it ON, you can accidentally disarm the device because the mobile app tends to connect via Bluetooth.).
  3. Take your Monimoto-equipped vehicle for a test drive. Alternatively your can shake/tilt your bike or move it around. 
  4. In approximately 1 minute you will receive a call from Monimoto device. Soon after the call push notification should arrive to the Monimoto app.
  5. Location ping will arrive within 5 minutes.
  6. Open the app and check whether it is showing the precise GPS or approximate GSM location.
  7. If you got the precise GPS location - Congratulations, your vehicle is now safe!
  8. In case you received an approximate location, please re-install your Monimoto in a different spot inside of your vehicle. The best satellite signal reception is achieved when the GPS antenna is pointing upwards, or to the side. Never install the Monimoto device with the GPS antenna pointing to the ground!
    Additionally, make sure that the end with GPS letters is not touching any metal part of your bike. 
  9. Repeat the test until you get the precise GPS location.

Watch this video showing how to perform the initial testing to ensure the device is working properly: 

Note: you will not receive Push notifications while the Monimoto mobile app is kept open.  

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