Why I did not receive Monimoto low battery notifications?

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Main reasons:

  • A temporary GSM or internet error preventing the device from updating low battery status to App;
  • At the moment of regular update the Monimoto equipped vehicle was parked in an area without GSM network, for example: building/garage/workshop/underground/parking structure;
  • SIM card has no credit or SIM is blocked;
  • Monimoto batteries died unexpectedly.

All lithium batteries are different depending on the brand and have different profiles.  To improve the accuracy of the low battery notification, we suggest you select the correct brand of battery you are using in your Monimoto. It will allow Monimoto to be more accurate with low battery predictions.

We recommend using VARTA or Energizer as in our testing they have the most consistent/steady decrease in charge compared to other brands like Duracell or Panasonic (which we do not recommend).

To set the battery brand in your app, press on the battery in the Home tab of your Monimoto app. You will see a drop down menu and will be able to select your brand. 


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