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To access device settings, click on this cog icon: 


If your phone is not connected to Monimoto device via Bluetooth - you will see this: 


Once you connect via Bluetooth, you can see all of the expanded settings:


Monimoto Device
Settings - access to your Monimoto settings. For example, the sensitivity lever, regular communication duration, to change phone number to call in case of alarm, etc.

Key Fobs - managing your Key Fobs. To add new one or to remove an old one.

Send Diagnostic To Developers- use this only if you are experiencing technical issues. It will upload some technical details from Monimoto to your phone, so you could send it to Monimoto support for investigation.

Unpair - unpairing your Monimoto device from your phone. If you do that, Monimoto device will appear like a completely new device to any phone and will be ready to be paired with any phone again.

Account Settings
Log Out - if you log out, you won't receive notifications. All your devices and settings will be saved, but will disappear from the app until you log back in. You can also log in on another phone with the same account if you only want to see the "cloud" version of your Monimoto devices.

Delete My Account - this will delete your phone number from our server and untie your Monimoto from your phone number. It can be useful if you are not going to use Monimoto any longer and want to give it away or sell to someone else.

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