To trigger the alarm on Monimoto, you need to make sure the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Bluetooth is OFF on your phone.
  2. Monimoto Key Fob is not active. This can be achieved in two ways - remove the battery form the key fob or make sure it is far enough from Monimoto device (at least 50 meters in open area).
  3. Depending on the sensitivity level that you have chosen in the settings, you need to shake your motorcycle for several seconds for alarm to start.

If you get a call or two calls, but see no Alarm or location on the app, it could be because of the app connection over Bluetooth at the moment of Alarm. 

NOTE: Any app connection over Bluetooth returns device to Ready mode, as shown in the screenshot below. To receive push notifications, the app must be closed. Otherwise, you have to refresh home screen manually.

Also, see this article for more detailed instructions on how to test Monimoto before using it, and to better understand how it works: