Here you can find the latest Monimoto firmware version available for everyone to download. 

To check the Firmware version of your device, go to Monimoto app 'Settings' section, connect to the device and look for the version at the bottom of the screen. It starts with FW: ...

If your version is different you should click on the file link down below to download, or if you cannot see the file link go to the Firmware 'view page' link (available at our Monimoto support page). Follow these steps (in pictures): 

After downloading the file make sure you have a Windows PC:

  1. Remove Monimoto device from your vehicle.
  2. Remove all batteries from the battery pocket.

  3. After you remove the batteries wait for 3 minutes.
  4. Connect Monimoto device to your Windows PC using the micro USB cable. Weak red light indicates that Monimoto device has entered boot mode. (PC only. Do not connect to Mac – it will not work. Believe us.. we have tried…)
  5. The folder called CRP DISABLD (sometimes CRP ENABLD) should automatically pop-up with the firmware.bin file in it. If it doesn’t – open Computer and look for CRP DISABLD (or CRP ENABLD) drive. Sometimes you need to wait a minute while Windows installs USB drivers or unplug and plug the USB cable again.
  6. Delete the firmware.bin file found in the drive.
  7. Copy the new firmware file (no need to rename it) and paste it to to the same CRP DISABLD (or CRP ENABLD) folder.
  8. Unplug micro USB cable from Monimoto device.
  9. Place the batteries back into the battery pocket.
  10. LED will start flashing in a following pattern: 1 long flash, multiple short flashes for ~25 seconds and finishing with 1 long flash again.