Not applicable for MM5 or MM6

New functions

  • Motorcycle location request - you can request your motorcycle location with some delay even if it was stolen with Key fob. Simply force alarm by deleting Key fob remotely from app. By default it will take from 5 minutes to 24 hours. Device will start alarm with next regular notification.
  • SIM status - you can now see your SIM card status in the App and top up it with ease.
  • Live tracking - you can request 1 minute interval location update during the alarm and motion.

Major improvements

  • No more false alarms caused by passing vehicles even parked at noisy street.
  • Battery optimization related with battery energy consumption.
  • More precise low battery level indication.
  • Device will automatically connect to other mobile network if carrier does not provide internet for the unit at that very moment. This feature works only with Monimoto SIM card.
  • Improved calling functionality. Unit will work even harder to call you, so you will be more likely informed instantly about threat.
  • Improved registration on mobile network process that leads to less missed regular updates.

If you are ready to update the firmware, let's start with something small, but very important here:

  • Check Apple App Store or Google Play store to make sure you have the LATEST version installed on your smartphone. The latest version is 1.8.5.
  • Let’s find out which cloud version you do use. Open Monimoto app and go to SETTINGS tab. If you see SIM card menu, it means your device is using Monimoto cloud V2 and firmware update is not mandatory and just recommended.
  • If  you CAN NOT see SIM card menu, it means your device still runs on Monimoto cloud V1.
  • You may also see  [V1] or [V2] on the bottom of settings tab.
  • Make sure your SIM card has not expired and deactivated!  
  • Important!  If your SIM is deactivated AND device is on V1 you will not be able to finish new setup without our help. Contact Monimoto support straight from app and we will temporarily activate your SIM card.
  • If you had older than firmware and updated cloud version from V1 to V2, you will have to delete device from the Monimoto app device list and add it back again.
  • Once the firmware is version or higher, it automatically applies to the new cloud [V2].
  • We recommend replacing Monimoto device batteries to the new ones as this will save time in the future.

Update instructions: