If you receive a push notification that looks like this:

And in the Events list in Monimoto app it says "Regular update from Monimoto Device was not received"

this means that Monimoto periodic check did not go as expected - our server did not receive a regular update from your device. This mainly happens duo to GSM connectivity issues. 

Main reasons:

  • A temporary GSM or internet error;
  • At the moment of communication, Monimoto equipped vehicle was parked in the area without GSM network, e.g. underground garage;
  • Monimoto batteries are almost empty;
  • SIM card has no credit or SIM is blocked.

What you can do in such case is:

  • Check if motorcycle is where it is supposed to be.
  • Wait until next day. Usually next communication is successful.  (Regular Ping interval must be set to 1 day in settings. That is the default parameter).
  • Check if GSM signal is strong enough where you store motorcycle. It might be worth moving your vehicle or Monimoto device to a different place for a day or two and see if "status not updated" notifications still arrive. 
  • Rarely, and depending on device installation, you might have to slightly change device location in your bike, or just turn device by 90° degree - "unblocking" GSM waves. Remember that closed metal boxes can shield radio waves completely.
  • If you are using your own SIM card in Monimoto, it might be that it is empty.  We do not terminate our SIM cards without prior notice. Below you can see how looks like deactivated original SIM card.

Simply go to Settings, tap on SIM and top up.  This feature is available starting with firmware  v0.10.5.61 or up.

Here is how SIM with balance looks like


  • You can connect via Bluetooth being close to the bike/vehicle, within the 1-5 meters range through app from Settings tab. If battery is empty, you will see that after the connection. It could also be that batteries are too low to send the battery level to Cloud via GSM.

If you always keep your bike at the same location, and only sometimes get this notification (but never 2 or more times in a row) - you should not worry since during the actual theft the device would start moving and start getting GSM signal anyway. However, if you see this notification 2 days in a row - start looking for a reason of why that is happening.