These instructions are for Android

When you go through the setup wizard in the app - you should come to "Choose Your Monimoto" Tab. You should see your device serial number, as shown on the label. Tap the 'red +' and let the device do the rest for you.   

Double check if the batteries are inserted and that the plastic pull tab is removed. If you do not see your Monimoto device on list, tap Re-scan. If needed, perform that several times. If you see an error message at the bottom, the general Rule of Thumb is to restart the Bluetooth on your phone (switching it off and back on), and try to pair again.  Some phone models, especially ones working with 6.0.1 Android version, require multiple attempts to connect. 

If you do not see device to choose, try to clean the Monimoto app Cache and Data:

1. Open phone Settings menu. Tap the cog icon in your notification shade.

2. Find Monimoto App in the menu, then locate the app.

3. Tap on Storage and the buttons for clearing the cache. Try pairing again as freshly installed app.


 If you are still stuck, try this sequence:

  1. Switch off the Bluetooth on your phone or try to restart your phone.
  2. Reset the monimoto to default   Pay attention if you see long LED flash, as shown in the video.
  3.  Switch on Bluetooth.
  4. Go through the app wizard till you see the tab above. 

Video of how to pair can be found here:

If that still does not help you to pair, go to phone Bluetooth settings and check if you see Monimoto device mm.xxxxxxxx in the paired or available devices. Monimoto should appear in available devices list - try to pair. 

If it pairs: then unpair to see the available devices list again. This step is necessary for some phone models. Try again to pair from monimoto app.

These instructions are for iPhones

 When you go through the setup wizard in the app - Bluetooth pairing request should pop up. 

If it doesn't - you need to try turning Bluetooth OFF, waiting for at least 5 seconds, and turning it back ON. Try this several times if the first time doesn't resolve. How to turn Bluetooth off:

Or here:

This issue has been observed on iPhone versions 4, 4s, 5 and 5s.

In most other cases, you will receive an error message explaining what is wrong. Search our help center to find more details about the error or contact us for help.