Monimoto has two main modes: Ready and "Alarm." (You can think of this as Good and Bad)

When in Ready mode, the device is always ready to sense any kind of motion. 
In the app this mode is represented with the green check mark. 

READY mode 

When motion is detected, the Monimoto device checks if the key fob is nearby (max. range outdoors is 100 meters/330 feet). If Monimoto locates the key fob, the device stays in Ready mode. If the key fob is not found, it enters Alarm mode.
In the app, this mode is represented with the red exclamation mark.

Note:  When the app is connected to device via Bluetooth, the Alarm mode cannot be triggered! When testing, ALWAYS disable Bluetooth on your phone. For daily usage, it is up to you if you prefer to leave Bluetooth on or off, as the device and app do not require it. 

ALARM mode

When in the Alarm mode, GSM and GPS modules are turned on. Monimoto calls the owner within one minute, then determines its own location and sends coordinates to the owner via push notification. If the call is declined, not answered or line is busy, the device calls for the second time. 

Exiting the alarm mode

To exit the alarm mode Monimoto needs to find its key fob. You can also stop the alarm by putting it to sleep from 1 to 24 hours. Device will go to deep sleep for chosen amount of time and will ignore any movement. It will come back to Ready mode automatically after chosen time elapses. 

Additionally, if you connect to the device from the Monimoto app Settings menu via Bluetooth, you can also stop the alarm.