The KEY is a small device that comes with the Monimoto set. When the KEY is not present near the motorcycle, any sufficient movement or vibration activates the Alarm mode in Monimoto.  (To trigger the alarm, other conditions must be fulfilled more).

You can add up to 3 KEYs to each Monimoto device. If you happen to have more than 1 Monimoto, same KEY can be used with multiple devices.

Monimoto KEY is not supposed to be used as a key chain and should be kept separate from your motorcycle keys. This way, if your keys are stolen or lost - you will not need to fear that your motorcycle can be stolen without any notifications.

We recommend that you keep your Monimoto KEY in the pocket of your motorcycle jacket or trousers, and keep it away from contact with water, as it is not waterproof.

Tip:  If you keep the vehicle close to your house, less than 30 meters away (100 ft) - make sure that the KEY and the device does not retain the connection between each other. If they do - alarm will not start until the bike is taken away, out of the KEY & device reception zone.  If your bike is kept outside and the KEY is inside, the reception zone can vary from few meters to 30 meters (100 ft), depending on the walls and other concrete objects. Only in rare occasions the KEY can connect to Monimoto device at more than 15 meters (50 ft) distance, as walls or windows limit the radio signal significantly.

How to test? Leave the KEY at home where you usually keep it. Go to your bike and connect with the app from the "Settings" tab. Find "Keys" menu and check if the key shows any signal. Refresh by swiping down if needed.

If the connection is still present - we suggest that you find a different place at home to keep your KEY or simply place the KEY in some metal box.