Monimoto comes with two CR123A primary batteries that can be easily found in most convenience or photo equipment stores. Once the battery level reaches the critical level (don't worry, you will be notified), simply open the enclosure, remove the old ones, insert new, and close the enclosure. 

IMPORTANT: You MUST NOT use rechargeable batteries if you find any for sale at all. They have different electrical parameters and we cannot guarantee that Monimoto will work properly or that the correct battery level will be displayed.

DO NOT use new and old batteries together as this will lead to the false battery level indication in the app.

DO NOT use Mitsai batteries as they are not compatible with Monimoto. 




Although Duracell and Panasonic batteries are very good, due to certain physical and chemical characteristics of the batteries, the device is not able to notify the owner of possible low batteries in time.

Our recommended batteries are Energizer or Varta. Both brands are easy to find and work very well in Monimoto.

The Monimoto Key Fob is powered by a 3V Lithium CR2450 battery that should last at least 3 years.

Have in mind that earlier versions of key fobs are powered by a 3V Lithium CR2032 battery.